Board of Certification (BOC)

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For more than a year, the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) has been planning to transition all MT(ASCP) and MT(ASCPi) credentials to MLS(ASCP) and MLS (ASCPi), respectively. The transition will be complete by late 2022. In this same time frame, individuals with the Molecular Pathology, MP(ASCP), credential will transition to Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP). See more at:

Installation of Anatomic Pathology Equipment

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Medical equipment requires special attention when installing, and operating. They require cleaning and maintenance according to the manufacturer. ACS believes and showed practically that medical equipment will serve a long time if they are properly operated and conduct regular maintenance and cleaning to them. Thus; ACS is famous for respecting the equipment we use to analyze human samples when installed and in operation. ACS install, train users, and prepare maintenance and cleaning log sheet for the machine they install.Its best … Continue reading “Installation of Anatomic Pathology Equipment”

Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS)

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Training and Accreditation: Today nowadays world becomes a quality seeker. therefore; our motto advocates “Quality is No More Optional!!!” Quality practice generally at clinical laboratories and specifically at the Anatomic Pathology laboratory is not a luxury. Lack of quality practice in the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory means killing a patient without a gun. Thus; ACS is specialized and certified in Professional healthcare quality by National Accredited Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), USA, it highly works to reduce the occurrence of error at the … Continue reading “Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS)”

Equipment selection

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A study shows a lack of awareness of the type, durability, and user friendly of different types of Medical Equipment specifically Pathology Equipment many laboratories are in serious problems. That causes in a loss in the economy and professional dissatisfaction. ABiTi Consultancy Services helps to reduce, if possible, avoid this problem in the country and in the continent.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

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The ABiTi Consultancy Services plays an important role and is the only institution that provides CPD to histology laboratory professionals in Ethiopia. It, besides; helps to improve the practice by conducting different types of training through physical and virtual methods. Lists of CPDs1- LQMS2- Troubleshooting in H&E Staining3- Pre-filled Vs Post filled containers with formalin;Ethiopia context4- Home-made Vs Purchased staining solutions5- Assessment of the Preanalytical phase of APL6- Assessment of the Analytical phase of APL7- Assessment of the Postanalytical phase … Continue reading “Continued Professional Development (CPD)”

Establishment of Clinical and Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

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ABiTi Consultancy Services is highly experienced with the consultation of the establishment of these practices. It takes great care to reduce expenses and increase productivity and revenue without compromising the satisfaction of the service provider and patients. It has huge experience and is recognized in consultation tasks at different institutions in Ethiopia. Now the ACS is launching the consultation to other African countries and in 2023 it will open its branch in two African countries.