Installation of Anatomic Pathology Equipment

Medical equipment requires special attention when installing, and operating. They require cleaning and maintenance according to the manufacturer. ACS believes and showed practically that medical equipment will serve a long time if they are properly operated and conduct regular maintenance and cleaning to them. Thus; ACS is famous for respecting the equipment we use to analyze human samples when installed and in operation. ACS install, train users, and prepare maintenance and cleaning log sheet for the machine they install.Its best approach is that after installation the machine or equipment will be followed up for about 3 months period. It believes. Quality comes first. Its main experience is on the equipment for Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

NB: Installation and User Training
Experience in Anatomic Pathology
Laboratory in Ethiopia:
1. University of Gondar
2. International Clinical Laboratories (ICL)
3. St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC)
4. Wollega University
5. Worabe University
6. St. Peter General Hospital
7. Menilik II General Hospital
8. Wolkite General Hospital
9. Addis Hiwot General Hospital
10. Bekat Advanced Clinical Laboratory, Dessie

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